Watch “Cosmic Thinking- Car Poem #1” on YouTube

This is the first part of a series of spoken performances.

When I first started writing, I always wrote in my car. My car remains my main workplace. It helps to give me a sense of what writing is and does. In a car, you are in the world, but still separated from it slightly. The glass of the windows, the metal of the body, provides enough of a barrier for me to observe, but still recognize the connection between myself and the other.

This series is meant to convey that sense of separate-connectedness aurally and visually. It is something of a testament to my own process of writing as well as a statement on writing in general.

There are twenty-one parts to this series. Together, they form a sort of visual chapbook. Each poem is complete in itself, but together they hopefully form a narrative not by the content of the writing/speaking, but through the form in which the individual pieces were created.

The first “chapbook,” Car Poems, is complete and available for viewing on my YouTube channel,

A new series, Image Poems, is in the works and new performances will be posted regularly.

Thanks to all my readers and viewers. Your positive feedback and criticisms are always welcomed and appreciated.