A Worker’s Prayer

O Lord, Heavenly Father,
Creator of all things
visible and invisible,

bless, this day,
the works of my hands,

that an unseeing world
may see You, not me,
in those works,

and that the work
I do may be acceptable
to you, to whom we give glory.

May Your Kingdom flourish,
O Lord, in this world and
all worlds, all ages.

And may we always be
steadfast in our resolve
to do the work You ask of us

and committed to the task
of preparing the Kingdom
for the coming of the King.

May the Lord bless all
who labor and toil
by the sweat of their brow

to sustain themselves
and sustain all people.



Psalm Of The Creator

Praise be to God,
for His Name is holy.

Throughout all the world,
may He, Sovereign Lord,
King of the Universe,
be praised above all else.

Throughout the Cosmos,
may the Lord, whose Hand made All,
be praised for the Glory
of His Creation.

Praise be to the Lord, Most High,
first Creator, in whose Image
we are created!