They Dream Stars

she dreams of being a double star,
twin gravity, spiraling into
her split sense of dual wholeness.

he dreams of the sun, singular,
a dim light in the outstretched arm
of a collapsing galaxy.

they dream themselves as stars,
forever burning their light
in a vastness of black,

never looking into the eyes
of what the other is
and seeing themselves reflected there.


Work Minute

over 90 degrees,
95% humidity,
3:15 in the afternoon,

shirt soaked through
and clinging to my
back and chest,

constant drip of sweat
onto my scratched glasses
from my red eyelids.

sit for a moment.
cup of water.
air conditioning inside

feels even colder
than usual through my
sodden tshirt.

take a minute to breathe.
take a minute to cool.
take as long as i can.

it’ll all still be there.
i’m sure of that.
take a couple minutes more.

when she dives

she stood close by,
hands falling loose
at her sides,

attached at the end
of brittle, thin arms.
her waking eyes

flashed with light,
her undereyes
brought out lucifer,

the deadsong, still
a luminosity, but
a different kind.

standing darkly, scattering
her light, growing, she
took her step forward

and from the edge
of bordered safety,
she fell–

Making It the Everglades

they asked for the road

to go on forever.

they drained the swamps

to make more room

for more people

to live longer lives

on more land

to which they never belonged.

so the road goes on

and circles back around.

fifteen miles and you

end up back where you started.

still alive. still here.

making anywhere home.

trying to make the land into you.

So Long, _________

so long, we say,
falling back into the
waking and moving,
the working and resting,
toward the shadows
where we move, unseen,
working for the world
that will never
know our name.

so long, we moan,
it’s been so long
since we could look
at ourselves and see
someone familiar.

so long, we say,
so long to self-doubt,
so long to self-pity,
so long since we could
stand, so long since we
could speak, so long since
the light has broken into
the shadows that lengthen
at the edges of the sun.

too long.