Journal Entry 4

with one hand on my ego and
the other on my fear, the sense
of lost pride i once had is now fading–

thank God

no more nights spent in sleepless haze
worrying more and more.
no more studying to find my place.

my place is wherever i am


she who wears a starry crown

she stood starry-eyed on the edge of the starry sky, shimmering reflections of starry dances glistening at her feet in a pool of mirror-mercury. she stood with her back turned to face the moon’s halo–a sure sign of stars falling to earth–and turned her face forward to the ground below. watching from a perch. angled for descent. a starry crown of twelve old lights perched upon a newly crowned queen.

children of jonah

they stared up from the bottom of the well–

tepid water pooling in the mud of midsummer and the walls arching their backs–

the quiet holding onto the noise that sinks their minds into slumber, peaceful, somber, murky–

they stared at the sky, stars hung, moonshine light and no lantern to amplify the dark–

they shone by their faces, wetted with grime and fixed on the stars–

the arching back of the bottomless well knelt before the faces–

still fixed upon the points of stars, they stepped out onto the curved stone.