Nothing Shall Harm Them

Sweat and the electric beat
of drum and brittle guitar

as the sway of the faithful
moves to the words of an
unknown tongue.

Spoken with fire, spoken with
urgency, spoken by the flame-
kissed lips of an unknown

angel descending upon the
unworthy soul of an ecstatic
believer. The words move

and take hold in the center
as the eyes go white and the

tempo increases to match the beat
of the rising prayer going
up to G-D as the spirit of G-D

descends upon the people,
moving them to do the Will
and be unafraid.

The faithful raise their fear
unto the LORD and by the taking
up of every serpent,

prove their faith,
showing themselves to be unafraid
before the devil,

filled with the Holy Spirit
in the prescence of G-D Almighty.

Nothing shall poison them,
no unholy spirit shall harm them
as they take into their arms

that which they fear and
by the Spirt have overcome.


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