Wayward On The Straight Path

Pardon me, but do you know
the way to Oblivion?
I’ve walked for years but
the land I seek seems to
only grow further from my grasp.
Could you point me in the
right direction? Or make for me
a signpost which can guide my way?
I’ve seen no one else along this
road and the long day is
beginning to dim.

Who are you, tall man in shade?
You cast no shadow in this
evening light. Your hands are
unseen beneath your cloak
and your feet tread so lightly
they cannot be heard.

Where do you come from?
Where are you going?
You seem so still, yet you
are moving. Should I match
your steps or stay two steps
behind? Could you help me
find my way to my destination?

Silent figure, I beg of you,
if you know the way to
Oblivion, where I am beckoned
by the call of new shores,
new colors, new thoughts, new
faces, make just a gesture
to guide my foolish steps.

And, if I may ask, would you
walk with me a little,
for I fear the road is longer
than I ever imagined.


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