He Who Takes The Stage

A fragrant story to bear the weight
of the many who came before
and those who lie in wait

for the closing of the velvet curtains
on the last play of the hand,
the crumbling of the infernal visage,

lying broken in the sands.
A tale! A tale!
We beg of you, a tale!

Before we go off into our lives,
give us the tale of your own!
What lives you lived

in all the years of centuries
come and gone! Give us a
story, a poem, a song!

But no word was spoken and no
promise broken as the velvet
curtain drew itself closed.

No form stood from audience
or stage to sing of lives, age to age,
to the ear of young and old.


Elements, Sleeping

Whispers hard and mean
in the other room where

the liars lie sleeping
upon self-made columns of air.

Fire in the hearthroom
and echoes lingering in

the flames licking the banisters
where resting fingers wear thin.

The water flows from walls of leather
with no source but itself.

Beneath, the earth opens to swallow
its kith, kin and wealth.

Prayer Of The Gifts/Prayer Of The Paths

May I do my best
with what You have
given me, O Lord.

May I accept Your gifts
and blessings with gratitude.

May I always offer
the works of my hands
back to You, knowing
You are the source of my talents.

Lay Your Hand on my head
that I may not become haughty
in the gifts and talents
which You have provided,

believing these gifts
come from my own devising
and not from You, Maker of All.

Raise up my heart, Lord,
that I may see You
and grant me patience
when my vision is dim.

Be the rock of our salvation,
O Lord, and lead us safely
in the paths which we walk.

A Worker’s Prayer

O Lord, Heavenly Father,
Creator of all things
visible and invisible,

bless, this day,
the works of my hands,

that an unseeing world
may see You, not me,
in those works,

and that the work
I do may be acceptable
to you, to whom we give glory.

May Your Kingdom flourish,
O Lord, in this world and
all worlds, all ages.

And may we always be
steadfast in our resolve
to do the work You ask of us

and committed to the task
of preparing the Kingdom
for the coming of the King.

May the Lord bless all
who labor and toil
by the sweat of their brow

to sustain themselves
and sustain all people.