Corality: The Colossus Of Man

They were strung together
like human coral,
each of them
bound to the other

by the living structure
they had built.

Each extending
his own power into
space, touching the other,
melding with the other,

forming the ridges of
a backbone, writhing,
built on bodies, interconnected,

a colossus made of
the miniscule,
a living structure of the living,

the home and the body
of those on whom
the body was built.


Far Away And Yearning In Doubt

I am at fault,
the wages of all men.
Conceived in infamy,
death is the inheritance.

Shallow hearts and
shallow hands,
shallow graves
to be washed away.

Silence is a language
every tongue comprehends.

Beneath these eyes,
hiding in fear,
is a child of light
afraid of its source.

I’ve been away
so long, now,
far away from
where I was born.

A yearning and scorn
in a double-edged heart
paints a picture
of where I stand.

Afraid of my home.

This place is familiar
even though it is strange
and I, to it, am a stranger.