A Small Blessing

May the wind blow freely
through every strand of hair
that you may know the joy
of freedom the winds feel.

When walls are tall
and roads are winding
so that we can see neither
above or ahead,
look inside to the point of stillness
where God makes Himself known.

May joy find you in every step
you think is a step of stumbling
to show that even weary steps
are joyous in their humbling.

Let us not forget we are human
in our wide, wandering path
to know God in perfection.
May the wind blow freely
and may the earth greet your steps
as you find your true direction.


The New False Idols

I write a lot about silence, solitude, peace, tranquility in the midst of chaos and God.  I write about these things because they are important to me.  They are important to me because I believe it is all-too-easy for us to lose ourselves in the constant hurry of twenty-first century life and in the constant struggle to “be somebody”, we become nobody.

We lose ourselves.

We lose ourselves and give ourselves over to the Trinity of Twenty-First Century False Idols:


When taken together, as all things of a triune nature must be, the three great false idols of the twenty-first century form the godhead of an even more malign being:

The Great Oversoul of Acute Stress and Anxiety

This creature, I believe, is the great enemy of the Soul.  It has no definite form or shape, yet it seems to be always present in the hustle and bustle of twenty-first century life. 

I implore you to take a moment to slow down, to do nothing for a while, to rest your weary hands and eyes from the work you do, whatever it may be, and do combat with the great enemy of the Soul, dispel these methamphetamine-driven idols and revive yourself.

After all, if the Soul dies, the work means nothing.

If we lose ourselves, who will tell us who we are?

Peace be with you.