The Great Work: Preamble

Sing in me, O Muse,
of all the triumphs and woes
of countless ages, end to end,
from where began the story
of Earth and Man,
united under God,
yet divided amongst themselves.

O Muse, tell the story,
recount the legends as they are.
May I be the mouthpiece
of your heavenly voice
and corrupt, not, the deeds and words
of those who came before,
both the greater and the lesser,
those who walked along all paths
‘neath the same expanse of sky.

And may I not construct,
from the thoughts of my own mind,
the stories as I see
fit that they should be told.
May they ring true of every age,
every deed, dire and noble.
May the truth be as it is,
as told in Heaven, of Earth, below.


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