For Those Who Seek Refuge From Constant Encouragement

I find it hard to be myself in a world that tells me to be who I am.

I find it hard to dream in a world that encourages me to do so.

I find it disheartening when I’m told it’s okay to dream and then am told that the dreams I have aren’t big enough to be my REAL dreams.

I ask myself how big a dream must be before it is worthy of pursuing.

I feel bombarded by the word “potential”.

I feel overwhelmed by the seeming necessity to “live up to my potential”.

I ask myself:  what potential is this I am to live up to?

I dream small.

I do not aspire to shift the axis of the world.

In a world of big dreams, enormous aspirations and constant encouragement to “live up to my potential”, I have grown weary of encouragement.

I dream small.

But I still dream.


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