Quiet. . . And Vaguely Narcissistic. . .

I’ve never been the type to share my personal life. So it seems strange to me that I would start a blog. A blog is really nothing more than the sharing of a personal opinion on a regular basis with a global audience.

And this idea always seemed vaguely narcissistic to me.

I’ve always been a quiet man. Not a shy man, but a quiet one. I’ve never had a problem speaking my mind or defending my position in an argument, but I only ever really speak when I feel I truly have something to say.

Hence, this could be a problem when it comes to keeping this blog updated regularly.

In our socialization-crazed world, I see everyone talking, sharing ideas, experiences, photos, life stories, personal anecdotes. All the time. In all of this socialization, most of the time, I fail to see any real content behind the billions of words being slung through the air at any given moment. In our newly social world, it seems as though everyone is talking because they feel they must. Whether or not they have anything to say comes secondary to saying something.

I love writing, but I have difficulty writing with regularity (and writing with regularity is the point of a blog) because I only wish to write when I truly feel I have something to say. And I am in no way under the impression that every thought I have deserves to be written, or that everything I write needs to be blogged.

But this does certainly lead to irregularity in my postings.

I am a quiet man and I do not understand the constant ravings of the world via social media. I talk when I have something to say, but I don’t talk all the time. I don’t believe my personal life is of any value to the world at large, but my tales and experiences could be of value to individuals. I can’t write all the time simply for the sake of writing. I can’t talk all the time simply for the sake of talking.

I must be true to content over style, to character over personality and, if need be, to irregularity of blog postings if that’s what it takes to charge them with content.

All of this is the stating of a personal opinion and I suppose that is the point of a blog. My content for the day was my opinion of content and lack, thereof.

And now the world will see my personal opinion and will see perhaps a small sliver of my personal life.

All of this still seems vaguely narcissistic to me.


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